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Metal Paso Fino Napkin Holder, Sierra Horse Halter, Ranch Sign

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  • Have you been looking for someone to design you a custom sign?
  • Or maybe some custom fixtures for your home?
  • Are you looking for a beautiful smooth trail companion?
  • Do you need some good quality Trail Riding Tack or Paso Fino Tack?
  • Do you need some help with your horses behavior?
  • Do you need Probiotics or yourself, your Pet, or your Horse?
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 This is What we Do!  

Choose the perfect equestrian saddle from our  Yancey or San Fermin saddle line. Match it up with Skito Therapeudic Saddle Pads, and matching horse bridles from  Camden Gap. Hang them on a Paso Fino for the ultimate trail or pleasure ride. Then decorate your home or stable with metal decor  hooks and hangers.

We sell  the J. M. Yancey saddle made by Fine Walk LLC. and are now selling the San Fermin with our exclusive flexible tree feature. The J. M. Yancey saddles are made for the Caballos Paso Fino horses and other small barreled horses like them. The San Fermin Saddles can be fitted to almost any type horse.  Coupled with the wonderful Skito Therapeudic Saddle Pads, we can help all manor of horses with fit and comfort.

The saddle pads that match our equestrian saddles are made by Skito Enterprises. These Skito Saddle Pads come in several different shapes; from round to square to oval, come in different thicknesses and fit either treed or treeless saddles. We also carry Skito shims and bridges to help the oddly shaped horse.

Our horse bridles and parts are from Camden Gap Saddlery, and Sierra Tack.  Some are for trail riding and some are for training purposes: these are called Jaquimas or bitless horse bridles. We also carry Gaited Horse Bits by Weaver and Colombian made Paso Fino Bits by Sierra Tack.

To finish your home or stable, we have metal decor. Welcome signs, ranch signs, racks, hooks, or just metal decor silhouettes. Choose from ready made metal decor or let us design metal art especially for you. 

Our resident Paso Fino Trainer, Alberto Sierra, is ready and willing to share his expert advice and knowledge with you. Whether you need him to personally train your Paso Fino, or teach you how to train for yourself, just let us know. We will arrange for you to get together with him. We are also carrying Paso Fino Tack endorced by Alberto Sierra as well as his Sierra Horse Halter. The newest addition to Albertos products is his 5 Step Training Video. Learn to train your Paso Fino in 5 days by using the Sierra Horse Halter and following the 5 Steps in his "The Foundation" Video Series

A new line to come to PFL is Living Streams Probiotics for Humans, and Animals. It is a well known fact that our immune systems, and our pets, including Horses,  are compromised by the toxic environment we live in, as well as the pesticides we injest with our food.  Our digestive systems are our first line of defense against disease. Give those digestive systems (yours and your pets) the protection and boost they need with Living Streams Probiotics.

Lifeforce Range Supplements are joining the team also. These are well established horse products that have been on the market for years and they are well accepted by horse professionals everywhere and have passed the test of use and time. Try some Lifeforce for your horses optimum health.

Last but not least, we have the Caballos Paso Fino horse. Paul and I no longer have any Paso Finos for sale, but we know people who do. Go to our Paso Fino Page and you will see links to other sites that have this wonderful breed for sale.

Thank you for all your business! 

This is our Standard! 

While letting you, the customer, choose and make up your own mind, we gently guide you through the process of fitting your horse, fitting yourself, or fitting your home, to be sure you are satisfied with the end product. This can be done through a series of pointed questions: 

        About Your Horse

      About You

      About Your Riding Discipline

      About Your Personal Style 

Our Tack and Metal Decor is Unique: 

      It is not readily available

      It serves a specific purpose

      We present New Styles with New Technology

      Custom items are available

      Customer Ideas spur new products

      Our own original art designs  

Our knowledge comes from several sources: 


      Instructional Videos


      Personal Access to Clinicians, Trainers, and Manufacturers 

Our Bottom Line Is: 

      Customer Satisfaction Through Customer Service.

      Affordable products that are made to last a lifetime.