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Metal Decor

We use a computer aided plasma cutting machine to cut out our silhouette metal art and metal decor. We design everything from Horse metal art to Southwest, to Wildlife to Flowers and Trees in our indoor and outdoor decor. Much of our designs are created for patios and stairways. Our niche is the artwork that we can couple with the normal spindles in railings for porch approaches and patio railings. Flatwork or 3D designs can be done in any size. Take a look at the pictures below the video for custom ideas. We sell lots and lots of personal signs like those listed below for ready sale. Instead of Welcome, we can put in your name. They make wonderful gifts for weddings and housewarmings. Ranch signs are a specialty that we excell at.  Look through our Silhouette Catalog for ideas for that custom project you have in mind. Most of the silhouettes were made from photos or business cards. Or find a ready made project like the ones at the bottom of this page in our Quick Pick Catalog

Restored Dr Buggy with steel artwork

This Doctors Buggy was restored from a cardboard box of rusty metal. We added the metal artwork for flavor.

Dancing Couple captured in 12 gauge steel

This Dancing couple was created from a photograph.

Blue Diamond Marina Sign in Steel

Custom Sign of Powder Coated Steel located in Priest Lake, Idaho

Yard Gate with 12 gauge steel artwork in natural rust.

Yard Gate with 12 gauge steel integrated artwork

Both these custom steel yard gates were created with individual tastes in mind. 

Personal sign of Paso Fino Mare and foal

This sign was made from a photo. The little girl is added on for a 3D effect. Hard to see in this photo.

Ranch Sign in 12 gauge steel with heat treatment

This Ranch Sign was custom made and sent to Arizona. The beautiful colors were brought out in the metal by heating it with a torch. Unfortunately these colors do not last in hot sunshine. Powdercoating is recommended for outside signs unless you want to repaint from year to year.

Indoor Railing with artwork at Schweitzer Mountain in Sand Point Idaho

This indoor railing is in a Condo at Schweitzer Mountain at Sandpoint Id. The integrated artwork is what makes our work unique.

Headache Rack with integrated artwork

This is a custom made headache rack before painting.

Porch Step Railing with integrated artwork

Guard Railing of integrated artwork

Guard Railing of Metal Artwork

12 gauge steel artwork in the form of a Guard Rail

The above four pictures show how detailed we can get with our artwork. The Computer aided plasma cutter is very accurate. 

Ranch Sign Metal Galloping Horses

This is one of the most popular silhouettes we make... Running Horses. Created from a photo.

Indoor Railing at Schweitzer Mountain with metal artwork

Indoor railing to match the outdoor railing with artwork at the Schweitzer Mountain condo.

Patio Railing at Schweitzer Mountain condo with Metal Artwork

Patio Railing showing the snowflakes and sunshine silhouettes at Schweitzer Mountain, Idaho.

Custom Weather vane with 3D Tractor

Closeup of 3D Tractor at top of Weathervane

We have made many of these weathervanes. All custom.

Custom Weather vane in metal wolf

You choose what you want on your weathervane from our silhouette catalog.

Custom Railing in Hammered Pipe with Art inset

Railing in Hammered Pipe with Art inset

Step railings like this are what sets us apart from the competition. It's the art.

Ranch Sign in Frame Steel with Inset of Art

Ranch signs like this are easily done and can be hauled in the back of a pickup. This one was powder coated with Copper Vein color.

12 Gauge steel personal sign Eagle

Personal signs like this one are very popular. Your name and you pick out the silhouette from our catalog.

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